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What are Select Coupons?Select Coupons are a special type of coupon that can help you save even more on AliExpress. They are issued by and can be used in any store that accepts them, with restrictions.
*Can be applied to selected items*Can be combined with other discounts & coupons
How do I get Select Coupons?From Mar 21, 2017 (PT), you can get AliExpress Select Coupons in the following ways:
Get them on our 7th Anniversary Sale pageMar 21-30
Mar 21-27Play games in Game Land
Mar 21-30Exchange 10 coins for Select Coupons on product pages
Mar 21-30Exchange 10 coins for Select Coupons on seller pages
Mar 21-27Get them after you've paid for an order
Mar 21-30Get them in Coins & Coupons

On the app only
Mar 21-30Get them in Flash DealsOn the app only
How do I use Select Coupons?You can use Select Coupons from Mar 28-30, 2017 (PT). Make sure to use them before they expire.
1. Find items on which you can use Select Coupons. Make sure to check out the discount and minimum spend.
2. Add the item(s) to your cart first if you want to buy more than one item.

You can only use a Select Coupon in one store. In other words, you can't use one Select Coupon on a combined order including items from different stores.

3. When you're ready to pay, the discount will be automatically shown and applied to your order.

You can only use Select Coupons if the minimum purchase requirements are met, and if the store is accepting Select Coupons.

Rules• Each person can get a limited amount of coupons and this number can vary per promotion.• A limited amount of Select Coupons are available and are distributed on a first come, first served basis.• All Select Coupons have the same denomination value of US $2. Individual Select Coupons can only be applied to item(s) bought from a single store.• You can use multiple Select Coupons to item(s) purchased in one store, but maximum discount values are dependent on individual store restrictions. For example, if a store says "Save up to $4 on orders over $39", you can use up to two Select Coupons in that store (with each Select Coupon valued at $2).• Select Coupons can be combined with other discounts and coupons on AliExpress.
Redemptions will be processed in the following order:
- Item specific discounts
- Store Discounts
- Store Coupons
- Select Coupons
- AliExpress Coupons
- AliExpress Discounts
• For refunds and disputes on orders using Select Coupons only the amount actually paid will be eligible for refund, not including the value of Select Coupons.Terms & Conditions