* The game will be available from Aug 28 - Sep 1, 2017 (PT).* You have 30 seconds to Catch the Coupon. In that time, try to get the yellow sparkling box which has a limited number of US $5 AliExpress Coupons inside. After all AliExpress Coupons have been won, US $2 AliExpress Select Coupons will be awarded.* Each day there will be 4 gameplay rounds, for a total of 20 rounds.
* Play during these times:
10:20am-10:25am (PT)4:05am-4:10am (PT)4:10pm-4:15pm (PT)10:30pm-10:35pm (PT)* Visit the AliExpress app homepage and our Brands Shopping Week pages to play.* You can only win one coupon each round from this game, with the chance to win a maximum 20 coupons throughout the promotion.* Coupons will be sent directly to your account and can only be used from Aug 28 - Sep 1, 2017 (PT).
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