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DEKO New Banger 20V Cordless Drill• LED power light/work light
• 18:1 gear set
• 2 gear gearbox
• Lithium-ion battery
DEKO DKCX01 Electric Paint Sprayer• Flow and intensity control
• Precise spray nozzle
• Simplified design for easy operation
DEKO DKA-200Y Electric Welding Machine• Portable design
• Energy efficient
• Safe and reliable
DEKO DKRT01 Multi-function Rotary Tool• 250 accessories provided
• Sturdy and well-designed
• All-in-one tool for cutting, polishing, or drilling
LED Panel Ceiling Light• High transmittance for large amounts of light
• Brightness up to 100 lumens/Watt
• Square or round shape options to match any decoration
Flush Mounted Aluminum Plafond Lamp• High levels of light
• Adjustable brightness
• Warranty for up to 5,000 hours of use
• Supports 110-220 voltage
FRAP Black Kitchen Sink Faucet• High quality brass material
• 360-degree rotation
• Dual handles
• 5 different color choices
Livolo Wall Touch Sensor Switch• Adjustable brightness
• Crystal glass surface
• Fire retardant and damp proof
• 7 different color choices
PINEWORLD Biometric Fingerprint Lock• Fingerprint recognition
• AI intelligence
• Accessible with WiFi
• Password protected with a downloadable app
Hiseeu Outdoor Video Surveillance Kit• Wireless 8-channel accessibility
• 1080p quality footage capture
• 1 terabyte of storage
• High quality viewing, day and night
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