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Smart WatchesHaylou LS02Trendy fitness watch• Bluetooth 5.0
• IP68 waterproof
• Call alerts
Haylou GT5Haylou GT5Wireless charging and AAC stereo sound• Smart touch controls
• In-ear sensor
• HD sound
New arrivals
Superior performance• DSP noise reduction
• Bluetooth 5.0
• 28-hour battery life
Haylou GT3
Bluetooth-enabled with a large battery• Mono and stereo sound
• 26-hours of music play time
• IPX5 waterproof rating
Haylou GT1 Pro
Wireless charging and aptX technology• HD calling
• Smart noise cancelling
• 4 built-in mics
Haylou T19
Haylou T16• Bluetooth 5.0
• IP68 waterproof
• Call alerts
Trendy fitness watch
Haylou T16
Sporty Earphones
• aptX + AAC dual audio coding
• Haylou app controls
• Charging pop-up indicator
Fitness Bluetooth earphonesHaylou T17
As part of the Xiaomi eco chain, Haylou is focused on R&D and innovation. Items are designed to be both fashionable and high-quality. Haylou is the messenger of sound and the medium through which we resonate with our users.