How it works
Q: What is an invite code?
A: An invite code is a code you can get from your friends who are active users of AliExpress.

Q: What does an invite code look like?
A: It is an 8-digit number that always begins with the letters "IN".

Q: How do I get an invite code?
A: Ask one of your friends who is already an AliExpress member to send you the code and you'll both get savings! Some of AliExpress' partner companies may also send out invite codes from time to time as a part of their membership campaigns.

Q: How many times can this code be used?
A: Each code can only be used 1 time.

If you have not registered for AliExpress before, you will get a set of new user coupons. If you are already an AliExpress member, you will be unable to get new user coupons via the code. However, you will still be eligible to snag coupons and more during promotional periods!