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Turn Your Phone
Into a Pro Camera
AMKOV Action & Smart Lens Cameras
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From Nov 27 - Nov 3030% Off
For over 15 years AMKOV has been a major player in the camera and video industry.

In 2013, it began its global expansion that has lead to a huge increase in both sales and the number of happy customers all around the world.
Brand Introduction
OX5 Smart Lens & CameraWith 5x optical zoom and a powerful digital zoom, this camera with a smart lens is all you need to take top-quality photos of you and your friends!

Simply install the app, attach the camera & lens to your phone or selfie stick and start snapping away!
Available PackagesPackage 1: CameraPackage 2: Camera & Wide-Angle Lens US $89.00Package 3: Camera, Wide-Angle Lens & Selfie Stick
2 0 1 5 1 1
From Nov 27 - Nov 30US $109.00US $129.00US $127.14US $156.71US $184.29OX5 Smart Lens & Camera
120-Degree Wide-Angle5x Optical zoomWide-Angle LensOn/Off ButtonAdapterZoom ControlsWi-Fi ButtonShutter Button20MP Sensor
Easy to InstallGet the most out of your camera in just a few simple steps
Built-in Wi-FiShoot photos and videos, and share them directly from your smartphone.
AMKOV 5000S Wi-FiCaptures All Your AdventuresFrom Nov 27 - Nov 30
2 0 1 5 1 1
With videos of up to 1080p at 30fps and an incredible brightness. this sports cam lets you relive all your adventures over and over again!
170-Degree Wide Angle Fisheye Lens
Capture your videos and share them instantly with a simple click of the button
Waterproof up to 30 meters