How to pull off 2019’s streetwear trends

Street style for men & women is more than an oversized coat. Get more inspiration to complete the look here!

The AliExpress team
Streetwear is everywhere. It has influenced the latest collections of hip luxury brands and regular high street labels, and the fashion crowd just can’t get enough of it!

While street style is historically associated with underground cultures like punk and goth, it has gone mainstream the past couple of years. Contemporary streetwear movement is all about unexpected proportions, tongue-in-cheek slogans, and bold aesthetics that’s worn with tons of devil-may-care attitude.

The good news is, you don’t have to splurge to achieve that trendy look. Just shop these current street style fashion from AliExpress, and put your own individual spin on the trend! Get inspired by our best autumn/winter picks for men and women.


Lookin' Fly

A regular denim jacket is a must-have staple for autumn as it’s amazingly versatile. Sure, you won’t go wrong with it… but why not shake things up with this jacket that has a striking motif embroidered on its back?

Wear it over any plain T-shirt, and you'd start feeling like you're on cloud nine.
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Streetwear staple

This uber cool design is a stylish hybrid that has the functionality of cargo pants and comfort of joggers. Its oversized pockets and extended straps are ubiquitous of the current streetwear style, and this pair does it just right – interesting but not over-the-top.
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Plaid's never plain

Pick these fun plaid pants for a low-key dressy look without looking like you’re trying too hard. Pair it with a white tee and black jacket, and you can take this urban streetwear look from day to night effortlessly.

For those who’d love to experiment with this trend, you won’t go wrong with this piece.
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Front to back

If you aren’t afraid to turn heads with daring fashion choices, this jacket’s perfect.

As if the bright clashing colors aren’t attention-grabbing enough, it even has its front pockets sewn on the back instead. Got to love quirky details; they're such easy conversation starters!
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Big on style

Don’t feel like dressing up? Just throw on this super comfy oversized sweatshirt. It’s casual without being sloppy, and is designed with a subtle reference to vintage sportswear.

Pair it with a pair of baggy black pants to complete the cool slacker look, or a more fitting bottom for something more polished.
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Red hot

As the current streetwear trend features oversize silhouettes that hide feminine curves, women wanting to pull off this look have got to wear it with tons of confidence.

Think you’ve got the guts to do that? Start by adding this blood orange jacket to your winter wardrobe. As they say, go big or go home!
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Step up

Combining style and comfort won’t be an issue with these white and silver sneakers! It’s the perfect women’s walking shoes for travel too.

Those thick soles will ensure you don’t tire from shopping around town the entire day, or dancing the whole night away.
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Check her out

Classic yet cool, polished yet playful, this checkered coat is for the fuss-free girl who isn’t afraid to show a bit more personality through her fashion choices.

The exaggerated hems, pocket flaps and sleeve loops on this long winter coat add just the right amount of understated cool.
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Raw beauty

Give your run-of-the-mill denim skirt a rest this season and earn some cool points with something edgier.

Go for a quirky go-to piece like this raw hem denim skirt, which puts a funky twist on a timeless design.
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Weird & wonderful

Odd but fun details? Check. Humorous slogan? Check. It’s a regular hoodie, but much more fun!

It has all the trendy offbeat elements without being too shouty, making it a great autumn staple for women.
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