Zen your way to mindfulness

Nifty items to help you get into the zone

The AliExpress team
Chilling out just for two seconds in today’s world is already hard enough, so here’s an idea: meditation. If done routinely, meditation can help alleviate anxiety, stress, insomnia and even increase our happiness and fulfillment towards life! If you are now thinking that we sound like crazy hippies, give us the benefit of doubt and try it out for a week. We can almost guarantee you will feel AWESOME afterwards! It can be quite difficult to ease into that ‘zen zone’ for beginners, so these tools may be of help.

1. Essential oils

Aroma therapy is often introduced during meditation to help people relax. Different smells have varying abilities, so choosing the right scent will help you achieve that meditation goal. Looking to cure insomnia? Try lavender. Need a little more romance? Go for rose. Sick from a flu? Tea tree is your best friend. Go ahead, try it!
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2. Diffusers

With a huge range of diffusers now available on the market, there's no excuse to get one that's just functional! This one's beautifully designed, with a versatile minimalist design that'll sit pretty with any home decor style.

This little guy's built-in ultrasonic technology ensures that the mist is dispersed quietly to create a calming environment. Put one next to your designated meditation corner to keep the area smelling great at all times!
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3. Meditation chair

If your perfect day means sitting on the sofa browsing through Instagram, then welcome to the club! For lazy slouchers like ourselves, it can be difficult to sit up straight at all and given how important posture is during meditation, it’s best to get some support to fix this bad habit, just like a padded meditation chair. Portable and functional, you can easily move the chair around and finally get some much-needed back support.
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4. Mindful coloring book

When speaking of the very core of meditation, getting rid of straining thoughts naturally comes to mind as you become more present in the now. But if you’re still struggling to meditate after many attempts, fear not because there are other alternatives out there.

Coloring books, for example, are a good alternative to traditional meditation. By focusing on the aesthetic and colors on the canvas, your mind naturally gets into full-on concentration mode. What’s more, you learn to calm your mind and only good things happen after that. So, why not get artsy and relax your mind today!
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