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REFRESH YOUR HOMEMaking every household cleanOn sale Mar 28-30
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ILIFE A8⋆ Full view camera navigation and route-planning
US $12.00
Camera navigation and route-planningThe A8 robot vacuum cleans large spaces without skipping areas
Rubber brush and bristlesWith 2 types of brushes, the A8 works well on carpets and hardwood floors
ILIFE V8s⋆ Gyroscope navigation and route-planning
US $12.00
Gyroscope navigationThe V8s robot cleans efficiently and meticulously
Say goodbye to furballsThe V8s goes the extra mile by cleaning up pet hair
ILIFE V7s Pro⋆ Hybrid vacuum-mop robot
US $12.00
i-Dropping technologyThis intelligent water tank enables precise wet-mopping only when the robot moves
Smart sensorsThe V7s Pro intelligently avoid stairs and drop-off areas
ILIFE A4s⋆ Powerful deep-cleaning for carpets
US $12.00
Specially designed for carpetsThe A4s is great for cleaning thin carpets, making life easier
Full set of advanced sensorsAllows the A4s to intelligently avoid obstacles and falls
ILIFE V5s Pro⋆ Enhanced hybrid vacuum cleaner
US $12.00
2-in-1 hybrid robot cleanerEquipped to mop and vacuum, making the home twice as clean
Max mode for intensive cleaningThe enhanced brushless motor gives the V5s Pro 5 times more suction power for cleaning hardwood floors, tiles and laminates
ILIFE A6⋆ Works on all surfaces
US $12.00
Slim and efficientCleans under sofas and avoids obstacles
ElectroWallThe advanced ElectroWall mode creates an invisible barrier that the A6 won't cross
ILIFE V3s Pro⋆ Cleans pet hair
US $12.00
Automatic docking and rechargingThe V3s Pro automatically returns to its home base for charging
65mm RoadRover side wheelsThe robot crosses obstacles from room to room with ease
Headquartered in Shenzhen, ILIFE ranks among China's leading companies in the intelligent robot cleaning industry. The brand also has a strong focus on R&D manufacturing for brand development, giving ILIFE customers user-friendly products.