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CHUWI Hi8 AirCHUWI HI10 PlusCHUWI SurBook MiniCHUWI LapBook Air
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CHUWI SurBook Mini⋆ Intel® Quad-core CPU + 12-core HD graphics GPU⋆ 4GB RAM + 64GB storage⋆ 10.8-inch, 1920x1200 IPS display⋆ 2-in-1 tablet and laptop design with Windows 10 system
US $12.00
Stylus supportFull-size Type-C interface2.4/5G dual band Wi-Fi125° display stand
Windows 10Equipped with Microsoft Windows 10 OS, brand new Cortana personal assistant, Edge browser and more upgraded systemsOfficial Win10 OSEdge High Speed BrowserCortana Intelligent Voice
Intel® Apollo Lake ProcessorWith the 64-bit processor and turbo frequency at 2.2GHz, performance is improved by 50%
Convenient display standTransform your tablet into a notebook with a 125° stand
CHUWI LapBook Air⋆ Ultra-thin 14.1-inch IPS display⋆ Intel® Apollo Lake N3450 Quad-core CPU⋆ 12-core HD graphics GPU⋆ 8GB RAM + 128GB storage
US $12.00
2.4G/5G dual band Wi-FiWindows 10 operating systemBacklit keyboardM.2 SSD support
A design without compromiseThe LapBook Air's design adopts the light and solid aviation magnesium alloy as part of its frame
Intel® Apollo Lake CPUAdvanced with 14nm Process and X86 Goldmont architecture, the Intel® 7th generation Apollo Lake and N3450 64-bit processor make the LapBook Air a one-of-a-kind product
More powerful than everThere's no slowing down when it comes to multi-tasking, thanks to 128GB of eMMC storage and intelligent interaction8G+128G
CHUWI Hi8 Air⋆ Intel X5 Quad-core CPU, Gen 8 Intel® HD Graphics⋆ 8.0-inch 1920x1200 display⋆ 2GB RAM + 32GB storage⋆ Dual system Windows 10 + Android 5.1
US $12.00
4000mAh batteryIntel Z8350 14nm Quad Core 4 ThreadMicro HDMIDual camera
OGS fully-laminated Brighter and more detailed lights and shades 8-inch OGS fully-laminated display gives you an immersive visual experience
A tablet powered by Intel Equipped with Intel X5 processor and Gen 8 Intel® HD Graphics, coupled with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage for a smoother gaming experience⋆ 12-core EU 500MHZ frequency/14nm Process/Gen 8 Intel® HD Graphics/3D-rendering DirectX1 Special
Android 5.1 + Windows 10Easy one-button switch⋆ Windows 10 delivers greater productivity⋆ Android enriches your gaming experience
CHUWI HI10 Plus⋆ 10.8-inch Full HD display⋆ Intel® X5 Quad-core + 64-bit CPU⋆ Windows 10 Redstone + Android 5.1 dual system⋆ 4GB RAM + 64GB storage
US $12.00
Docking keyboardDurable batteryUSB Type-C 3.0/micro HDMIHiPen H2 Stylus
10.8-inch Full HD displayWatch videos and browse the web more comfortably with a 10.8-inch, 3:2 aspect ratio and 1920x1280 display
Upgraded Intel® X5 Z8350 CPUEquipped with a 2017 Intel® X5 64-bits Quad-core processor and an advanced 14nm Process for higher performance and lower power dissipation
Ultra-slim foldable keyboardSupports keyboard cases and rotary shaft keyboards
CHUWI Hi9Chuwi Hi10 Pro 2-in-1 Tablet8.4-inch IPS, 2560x1600 display and 4GB RAM + 64GB storageIntel® X5 Quad-core CPU, Windows 10 + Android 5.1
US $12.00
US $12.00
CHUWI Hi12CHUWI LapBook 12.312-inch 2K retina display + dual systemIntel® Inside + Windows 10
US $12.00
US $12.00
CHUWI Hi13 2-in-1 TabletCHUWI SurBook 2-in-1 Tablet12-inch 2K retina display + dual systemWhite backlit design, 6GB RAM +128GB storage
US $12.00
US $12.00
CHUWI has designed, developed and produced their own line of laptops and tablets since 2004, serving satisfied customers all around the world.