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HUION 420Gamers' favoriteHigh quality that fits in your budgetWorking area: 4x2.23"4000LPI resolution and 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivityCompatible with various operating systems
US $12.00
Ideal for gamersLightweight, small and portable, it's the ideal companion whether at home or at work!Battery penA durable, lightweight and comfortable pen (AAA battery required)OS supportSupports Windows XP/7/8/10 and Mac OS 10.8.0 or above
Best choice for gamesRelax and have fun anywhere with the HUION 420A business favoriteTake it to your next presentation and be always connected
HUION G10THuion's fan favorite10 x 6.25"WirelessType-C Interface2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivitySupports Windows 7, Mac OS 10 and above
US $12.00
High touch sensitivityGesture recognition function allows you to perform various tasksWireless functionAn organized and wireless life with 2.4G connection supportType-C connectionEasy to plug and unplug
5080LPI and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivityMake professional and high-quality designs with the incredible resolution of 5080LPI and the 2048 levels of sensitivity and pressure.
HUION WH1409Large size. Easy to use.The largest graphics tablet in the worldWireless12 express keysSupports up to 8GB SD cards13.8 x 8.6"
US $12.00
HugeA working area of 13.8 x 8.6" (350 x 220mm) makes it the largest drawing board in the world. Unleash your imagination!Wireless2.4G wireless connectivity up to 12 mLightweight and smart pen (only 14g) that lasts up to 40 hours.Smart
Unleash your creativityWith the HUION 420 WH1409 there will be no limit to your creativity. Its large 13.8 x 8.6'' (350 x 220mm) design area and its 2048 levels of sensitivity sensors will make your life even easier and fun.Don't lose your creativityThe built-in 8GB memory allows you to save all your work without worries.Plus, manage what you've already done!Expandable internal storage.
WirelessFreedom for you to draw and work wherever you are. Its powerful connection works up to 12 m. In addition, it weighs only 1.1 kg and its 2000mAh battery can withstand 40 hours of work!
HUION 1060 PlusSleek and powerful10 x 6"High performancePortableSupports SD cards up to 8GB
US $12.00
Latest VersionThe latest version of Huion 1060 PLUS has an updated firmware that allows even more accurate drawings, besides the visual changes.Card IncludedDon't run out of room for your creativityExpress and custom keys enhance and make your work easierExpress Keys
ConvenientThe Huion 1060 Plus also has a special finish so you can carry the smart pen anywhere you want without worrying about losing it.High Sensitivity2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, 230PPS and 5080LPI
HUION GT-185The perfect companion18.5"1366x768 resolutionCustomizable keysSupports most graphics programsCompatible with Windows and Mac
US $12.00
Responsive2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, 230PPS and 5080LPIErgonomic8 customizable express keysSmartAdjustable between 15°- 85°
Unleash your inner artistResponse time of 5ms, 18.5 inches with 16:9 and wide viewing angleThe professionals' favorite. A graphics tablet/monitor with everything you are looking for.
HUION A3LED Light PadEyesight-protected light pad, super illuminated, with sensors and acrylic surface. Its active area is 16.90''x12.20''
US $12.00
ComfortableEyesight protection ensures a perfect and comfortable stroke.AdjustableSuper bright LED lamps shine through thick paperBrightAdjust the brightness quickly and easily without worrying about anything. Even after rebooting it will remember your last configuration.
MultifunctionalYou can use it to draw, create, animate, view photos, negatives or even x-ray film sheets!The Huion A3 LED is perfect for all types of artists and professionals who need a portable tablet for the daily use.
HUION is a leader in the production of graphics tablets and monitors for amateur artists and professionals from all over the world.