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A6For carpetsFor floor tilesFor mixed surfacesA4SV3S Pro
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ILIFE A6Leave the cleaning to me
I work on all types of surfaces- Up to 160 minutes battery life- Durable tempered glass case- Room mapping sensor- Spiral brush for full coverage- Slim design
US $12.00
I've been working outI'm slim and only 2.8-inches tall so I can easily clean under your furniture and other hard to reach spaces.
And I'm pretty smartJust let me know where you want me to clean and I'll take care of it! I'll also remember if I'm not allowed in some rooms.
ILIFE A4SI'm great for larger apartments
Cleaning carpets is my speciality- Up to 2.5 hours battery life- Additional brush for deep carpet cleaning- Automated schedule- 1000pa suction power
US $12.00
Let me at 'em!I'm so great at cleaning I'll be picking up dust and particles you can't even see.
I'm a navigation expertMy infrared sensors help me to move around your home and avoid bumping into things.
ILIFE V3S ProI'm your new cleaning buddy
I'm great at cleaning hard surfaces- Easily slides onto carpets- Automated cleaning schedule- Side brushes collect dust and hair- Quiet and powerful- Self-charging
US $12.00
Quiet 40db cleaningYou won't even know I'm hereLong battery
I can help you clean for up to 2 hours without rechargingHEPA filterEven the smallest dust particles won't get past me
I can recharge myselfI keep a close eye on my battery levels and automatically go back to my charging station when I need to rest.
There's no stopping me!My large 65mm wheels help me climb over uneven surfaces in your home like carpets or rugs.
ILIFE robot vacuum cleaners are known for their quality, reliability and great performance on a variety of surfaces. All purchases include spare brushes and filters. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life.