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S280 Series SSD550MB/s read and 460MB/s write speeds120GB240GB480GB
Excellent performanceHigh qualityVersatileWith excellent read/write speeds, KingDian SSD reduces computer boot time and file access timeCan be used up to 6-8 years; durable enough to withstand falls and heavy weightsCan be used for notebooks, desktops, user terminals, all-in-one computers, advertising terminals, on-board computers, small client machines or cloud terminals
N480 Series (M.2 22*80) SSDRapid transfer rates for efficiency120GB240GB
Fast speeds combined with exquisite designExpandableExcellent qualityM.2 22*80 N480 Series SSD performs up to 540MB/s reading speed and 350 MB/s writing speedCan be used for all-in-one computers, advertising terminals, desktops, notebooks or cloud terminalsStrict production procedures: SMT test, RDT test, low- and high-temperature test and aging test
Portable SSDHigh performance and easy-to-carry design 120GB240GB
mSATA SSDSuitable for small volume products such as POS machines, tablet PCs, mini-PCs and more 120GB240GB
Shenzhen KingDisk Century Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen in 2010.After meeting a universal standard of quality, we've successfully created items that are now used around the world.
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