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CVR108- Small and portable- Wide and dynamic range- CMOS camera sensor
US $12.00
Tiny Body, Big Eye24-hour continuous recording so you never miss a thing
6-level CMOS Camera Lens130-degree wide-angle lens to capture every detail
Motion DetectionRecord real-time accidents anytime, anywhere
ADR900- 24-hour parking monitor- Intelligent OBD power supply- Wide-angle lens
US $12.00
24-hour Parking Monitor24-hour continuous recording so you never miss a thing
171-degree Wide-angle LensCapture everything that happens around your car
Pioneer of 7+1 Glass LensProvides exceptional performance and crystal-clear night vision
ADR720 Dash Cam- Super HD 1440p- 140-degree recording- Crystal-clear night vision
US $12.00
HD 1440pHigh-resolution video experience
400W Pixel CMOS, 2.5K ImageCatch more details, useful for collecting evidence
Optimal Night VisionF/1.8 large aperture, record as if it's daytime
Upgraded Halogen Car Lamp- Easily install in 3 minutes- ECE R37 certificated- Over 450 hours life expectancy
US $12.00
45m Light Beam ExtensionGiving you even more time to respond to danger
High Beam / Low Beam SwitchSwitch from high to low beam light depending on your needs
Brighten the Road by 130%Improve visibility
Xenon Car Headlight- Bright white light- Original 4200K HID- Outstanding penetrability
US $12.00
Bright As DayWhite light, drive safely and comfortably at night
4200K HID, Easily Match Color TempEasy installation to quickly replace the original bulb
Never Fear Bad WeatherExtreme penetrability, performs excellently even in rain and fog
DLP2019 3-socket Cigarette Lighter- 120W power- 3 individual cigarette sockets- Battery voltage monitor
US $12.00
Intelligent Current AssignationAssign and match currents according to different devices
Auto Power-off ProtectionAutomatically cuts off power when there's an overdrive
Independent SwitchControl each cigarette socket
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