Are you fast enough?Catch the Coupon
Catch the character on our website holding a yellow sparkling coupon to win a US $5 coupon. Be quick though, you only have 30 seconds!
* The gameplay period for Catch the Coupon is between March 21-30, 2017 (PT).
* Each day there will be 4 gameplay rounds. Gameplay periods are as follows:* Between March 23-26, 2017 (PT) there will be an additional 4 gameplay rounds each day, exclusive to the AliExpress app.
04:00-04:05 (PT)
10:00-10:05 (PT)
16:00-16:05 (PT)
22:00-22:05 (PT)
01:00-01:05 (PT)
07:00-07:05 (PT)
13:00-13:05 (PT)
19:00-19:05 (PT)
* Early birds can start playing and winning coupons between March 21-30, 2017, on the AliExpress app. Or visit on your computer between March 28-30 to play and win.
* Win a US $5 coupon by simply catching the character holding a yellow sparkling coupon.
* Coupons will be sent directly to your account, and are valid for use between March 28-30, 2017 (PT) on orders of US $25 or more on the AliExpress app.
* You can win one coupon per round of gameplay, with a maximum of 4 coupons per day between March 21-30, and a maximum of 8 coupons per day between March 23-26. Over the entire promotional period you can win a total of 56 coupons.
* This game is subject to the rules and regulations of
Terms & Conditions
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