The Official Rules Create Your #AliExpressions Product List and win a US $50 coupon:During the Promotion Period, you can:
● AliExpress™ ( will publish a theme every day.● Eligible Members are to create an #AliExpressions page of their own by compiling a list of products sold on the AliExpress™ Marketplace consistent with the Theme published.● Eligible Members then shares their Product List with friends to solicit "likes".● For each Theme, the top 20 Eligible Members with the Product List that receives the most "likes" daily will be awarded a US$50 coupon. An Eligible Member can create as many lists as he/she wishes per day. Each Eligible Member is only eligible to win one single US $50 coupon during the Promotion Period.
● Each Product List displays a hyperlink or button to collect a US $2 coupon and Eligible Members browsing Product Lists can get this coupon.● An Eligible Member can collect a single US $2 coupon by browsing one Product List.● An Eligible Member can collect a maximum of three US $2 coupons during the Promotion Period.Browse #AliExpressions Product Lists and collect a US $2 coupon:
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