PRE-ORDERUse coins to order now and save even moreRULES
The following rules and regulations apply to pre-orders placed during the AliExpress 7th Anniversary Sale.
The promotional period for this campaign is March 21-27, during which time you may use coins to pre-order selected products on AliExpress.1.
The payment period for pre-orders is between March 28, 06:00 (PT) to March 29, 06:00 (PT).2.
You have the option of cancelling pre-orders, however coins used will not be returned.3.
During the promotional period pre-ordered products cannot be added to the shopping cart.4.
Valid AliExpress Coupons, Select Coupons and Store Coupons are available for use on pre-orders.5.
The number of coins needed per pre-order depends on the value of the order, not including shipping fees. The value of an order and the number of coins needed is calculated as follows:

The original price of the product times the quantity purchased.
Order Value
<=US $20
Coins Needed
After successfully receiving your payment, sellers will ship products with a guarantee that the price of pre-ordered products (ordered between March 21-27, 2017) will be lower than those shown on March 28, 2017.7.
Coins can be obtained by visiting 'Coins & Coupons' on the AliExpress app between March 21-30, 2017.8.
Be sure to look for AliExpress Select Coupons on the Pre-Order product lists to save even more.9.
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