The following 6-step tutorial will give you a quick overview on how to place an order with COD.During the Lunar New Year season, shipping time might be delayed by 15 days.
HOW IT WORKSStep 1Find products that qualify for AliExpress Direct shippingCOD can be only used for products that qualify for AliExpress Direct shipping.
COD is available for orders in this range (SAR48.77 - SAR975)
The system will use AliExpress Direct as the default shipping method, but you can change your shipping preference in the item details page.
Step 2Add your favorite items to cartAdd the products to cart. They can be from different stores!
Step 3Place orderPurchase the items all in one order so you can enjoy free AliExpress Direct shipping!Receive free AliExpress Direct shipping on orders over US $90 in Saudi Arabia
Choose Cash on Delivery as the payment methodInput the 6-digit code sent to your phone number to make an order.Note: COD requires an additional US $7 service fee
Confirm orderYou will receive a notification within 13 days, when your package is ready to be shipped to your city.Open the app and confirm your order details (e.g. phone number, address, product and price).Reply to confirm that you want your order before it ships.If you do not confirm that you want your order, the order will be canceled.Step 4
Step 5Delivery & PaymentThe courier will call you to confirm the delivery timeYour package will be delivered within two days after setting the delivery timePlease be at the set address and ready with cash on hand during your set delivery time
Step 6RefundsWe will provide an unconditional coupon for the same amount as your refunded orderGCC countries will open COD services one by one.
Countries: UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar
COD is coming
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