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All about 11.11 Global Shopping Festival 2020Also known as Singles' Day, Double 11 or 11.11 sale, the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival is our biggest sale of the year on AliExpress. With discounts up to 70% off, discover a limitless world of wonder on November 11 and shop for millions of items at low prices. Get further discounts when you collect coupons and play exciting mobile-only games. Browse Gameland to play favorites like Energy Lab and and check out the all new 11.11 Super Prize for even more coupons!

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Highlights from 11.11 Global Shopping Festival 2019
The lipsticks sold on 11.11 equaled the height of 47 Eiffel TowersAll phones sold on 11.11 equaled 92 standard-sized soccer fieldsThe number of purses and handbags sold on 11.11 could fill 50 airplanesAll footwear sold on 11.11 would need 2,717 trucks to transport
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Frequently Asked Questions about 11.11Q1: When is the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival 2020?The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival 2020 will start on Nov 11, 12:00 AM PT and last till Nov 12, 11:59 PM PTQ2: When can I view the discounted prices?Sale prices will be revealed on October 28, 2020 12:00:00 AM PT, 2 week before the sale date. You may also filter search results to show Global Shopping Festival deals only.Q3: How do I make the best of the Global Shopping Festival?Download the AliExpress app, collect coins and coupons, and add items to cart from October 28 2020 12:00:00 AM PT onwards.Q4: How can I be sure that I get the maximum discounts?Visit our site and mobile app before the sale, then join various games and social media activities to win AliExpress coupons.