Spend & Save user guide
What is Spend & Save?
Spend & Save is a limited period discount that helps you save more and shop more on AliExpress. Applicable only on selected products from selected stores that are participating in this activity.
All participating items are marked by a "US $3 off every US $30 spent, €2,5 off every €25 spent, ₽220 off every ₽2200 spent" or a "Spend & Save" label in the item details page, cart, etc.It can be used along with other discounts and coupons
How does it work?
Step 1. Check for products that have "US $3 off every US $30 spent, €2,5 off every €25 spent, ₽220 off every ₽2200 spent" mentioned on the product pageStep 2: Add these product(s) to your cart. In case you need to shop more to be eligible to avail the offer, you will see a notification in your cart.

Note: The minimum spending amount is the product (s) cost and does not include the shipping cost, tax, or any other additional costs.
Step 3: When you're ready to pay, the discount will be automatically applied to the order. Simple and easy!
1. All products that are participating in Spend & Save have "US $3 off every US $30 spent, €2,5 off every €25 spent, ₽220 off every ₽2200 spent" mentioned in the product description section.2. Spend & Save is mainly active in 3 currencies with the starting minimum value of US $3 off every US $30 spent, €2,5 off every €25 spent, ₽220 off every ₽2200 spent. Countries that don't have Rubles or euros use USD as currency conversions in the real-time exchange rates. Therefore apart from these 3 base currencies, the minimum spent on product prices might sightly change for other countries.3. Spend & Save offer's minimum purchase amount is US $30 to avail the offer but there is no maximum purchase limit. The more you shop the more you save.
For example: Spend US $30 save US $3, spend US $60 svae US $6,and so on.
4. The total amount of all the products in your cart need to meet the minimum spending amount to enjoy the Spend & Save offer.

For example; A and B are two stores participating in the activity of "US $3 off every US $30 spent". A's product amounts to US $15 (excluding shipping cost, tax, additional discounts) and B's product amounts to US $18 (excluding shipping cost, tax, and additional discounts). The cart's product total (excluding store shipping cost, store tax, store coupons, etc) sums up to more than US $30. So you can enjoy US $3 off on the total cart amount.

Note: Please note that in this case, you need to make sure you buy all the products together to cross the minimum purchase amount. If you go purchase each product separately, you will not be able to enjoy this offer
5. This offer is automatically added to your cart if you meet all the conditions.6. Shipping cost, tax, etc are not included in the minimum spend amount.7. The offer starts on June 21, 12:00 AM PT. The offer will not apply to any order placed before this date.8. In case of return and refund of the products purchased with this offer, we will return you the amount after the discount. This means, if you purchased 3 items and want to return 1 item, you will be refunded the amount after discount for the returned item only. You still saved on other items.9. Unable to use Spend & Save offer?

- Confirm if the product you have selected has the offer
- Ensure the final price of the item (after store discounts or activities) meets the minimum requirement. Also note: Shipping costs, taxes are excluded.
- Make sure you are not switching between currencies as that can cause inconsistency in the minimum spent amount applicable to avail the offer. For example; if you purchase 'Save & Spend' products in US dollars, you pay in Euros when placing the order.
10. The “Spend & Save” activity is only available on the latest version of the app. Please update the app if the discount is not shown.
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