Beat the Heat

How to stay cool on a hot day

By: The AliExpress team
The days of counting down till summer are gone; it’s here and in full swing! The sun is out and so are our vacation wardrobes. Maintain that summer glow AND stay cool with our insider tips and go-to must-haves.

1. Fill it up!

To stay cool (literally!) at all times, water is the way to go. Instead of filling up ice trays, pop some water bottles into the fridge or try getting a couple of insulated bottles. On the other hand, you could try refilling bottles so you can reduce waste or get yourself an adorable, BPA-free, carton-shaped water bottle. They’re easy to stack in the fridge so you’ll always have one ready to go. The best part about these bottles? Their unique designs will add some spice to your outfit or Instagram flatlay shot!
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2. Shady moves

Hangin’ out directly under the sun for too long is not a good idea on any level, so get in the shade when you can. If there isn’t any to duck under, carry your own i.e. hats, caps, sunglasses etc. For those who have “drama” as their middle name, we suggest going with the signature wide-brim hat that makes any summer outfit stand out.
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3. Changing winds

Let’s not forget that summer in some regions can be sweltering and dry. If there isn’t a whiff of breeze in the air, make your own with a portable USB fan! Simply plug it into your phone and cool down instantly, wherever you are. Imagine using one of these mini fans while waiting for the bus or standing in line for more margaritas… They’re lifesavers!
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