Insanely cute pet costumes for cats & dogs

Purrfect inspirations for pet photo ops right at home!

The AliExpress team
If you're lucky enough to be stuck indoors with a furry best friend, we've got just the thing to brighten the mood at home! Why not stage a makeover with an array of adorable pet clothes? Create memories with clever photos and share the love with everyone on social media. Your friends will surely be grateful, as everyone needs a little more cheer on their feed!

Pet indoor photoshoot

Bring on the oohs and aahs! These funny outfits will surely make for a day of fun. Opt for the classic batwing for cats, or have a stuffed cowboy ride your charging mutt. And now that superhero movies are trending, why not get a Superdog costume? The lion mane headgear for cats is also popular. The pet costume options are endless!

Pawfect fashion outfits

If you and your top model are ready to launch Pet-ris Fashion Week right under your roof, start shopping. For something formal, try a bowtie collar! Your furry friend will be turning heads on and off the gram. Want to take it up a notch? Go for an easy pet and human matching costume – just get a pet version of a Hawaiian shirt, striped top, or cotton T-shirt to complete the set.

Furry winter wonderland

From functional waterproof coats for large dogs to stylish jumpers for kittens, there’s an amazing variety of fashion fur-ward styles to choose from. And why not take the opportunity to get creative with photo filters? Choose a background for moody shots in snowy landscapes and these pictures will surely launch your bestie’s pet influencer career!