8 smart home devices for a cooler, more intelligent living space

These awesome high tech gadgets can change your home life dramatically!

The AliExpress team
Smart home technology has come a long way… futuristic home automation fantasies of yesteryear are now fulfilled with today’s IoT-based home systems, and voice and gesture controls are part of our every day lives. And now, there are thousands of smart home products that can make your place a lot more enjoyable and convenient. 

In this case, intelligence can be bought! Whether it’s a projector that enables you to have a cinematic experience at home, a cool biometric lock, or a smart home security system that will give you a peace of mind, here is a list of smart home products to build a savvier, more brilliant home. 

1. Stay tuned...

For any movie buff, a home theater system is probably the easiest – and most enjoyable – upgrade out there. Take your movie nights and binge-watching sessions to the next level with a Xiaomi Mi TV Box, which can stream content from Netflix, YouTube, HBO and many other channels. You won't even have to lift a finger to use the remote control, as newer boxes have voice controls to dim the lights and raise the volume. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
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2. On the big screen

If you really want to bring the big screen experience home, but don't have space to fit a 75-inch television, a projector is the way to go. AUN's mini portable projector, for example, is a no fuss solution to up your home cinema game instantly. From 3D glasses to built-in speakers, this projector has it all.

Go with the C80 UP model to wirelessly connect and stream content from both Apple and Android devices, so guests can project and share from their phones too! A nifty little gadget for those who enjoy throwing home parties.
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3. Do the robot

Manual vacuuming will soon be a thing of the past. Simply let a robot vacuum do the work! You can then cut down on your chores list, and remove dust, pollen and other irritants off the floor without breaking out in sweat.

And don’t worry, robot vacuums have come a long way since their advent, and models like the V7s by ILIFE are pretty impressive. With self-charging functionality and a wet mopping mode, this low-maintenance robot can sweep and mop while you're out and about enjoying life!
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4. The right combination

This affordable yet smart lock will change your daily life... You'll never need to worry again about forgetting your keys or having to be home just to let someone in. Hiding a spare set of keys in a flower pot or under the doormat might be the traditional solution, but this password lock by RAYKUBE will likely provide you with a greater peace of mind.

There are three different models to choose from, including one that both allows you to send temporary passwords to guests and get in with an old-fashioned key (as a fail-safe option).
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5. Under lock and key

Want the best of all worlds when it comes to traditional and innovative locks? Check out PINEWORLD's Biometric Fingerprint Lock, which offers all unlocking options: fingerprint, app, card or key. As long as your house has wi-fi, you can unlock your door for anyone from anywhere at anytime with the accompanying app. With this connected device, you can also program it to send you alerts whenever the door is unlocked or if the battery is running low.
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6. Test the waters

The only thing better than a fabulous vacation is one where you’re fully confident that everything back home is ok. If water leaks or flooding are a concern for your home, consider installing a water sensor by Coolcam. With this smart home solution, you'll be able to receive alerts about any water issues through its accompanying app, so you can take action quickly, before the damage becomes too serious.
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7. Keep an eye out

While it can seem daunting to try and figure out which home security solution is right for you, this camera by Vstarcam packs a powerful punch with multiple, easy-to-use functions. Just 5.7-inches tall, the C7824WIP HD camera comes complete with two-way audio, infrared night vision, a motion-detection alarm, video recording and in-app control. Be it guarding against home invasions or monitoring older relatives and young children, this item is an easy and affordable option for any homeowner.
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8. Knock knock

Want to impress your guests even before they step through the front door? Get a smart and innovative video intercom system installed at the entrance. The smart intercom by TMEZON, for example, automatically takes a snapshot or video recording of anyone that rings the doorbell or triggers the motion detection sensors. It also comes with a lot of convenient and ultra-useful features that are hard to pass up on. It operates on a two-way communication system and in-app control, so you can easily screen visitors and remotely unlock your door as well.
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