4 swimsuit styles you can wear as outfits

Ladies, pack your swimwear! It’s always summer somewhere.

The AliExpress team
In denial that these wonderful warm days are ending soon? Extend your summer! Start planning a trip south, where sunny days and toasty waters are waiting all year round. And if beach holidays and water sports are your thing, check out these swimwear styles that can double up as photo-ready outfits too.

We’ve got bathing suits to suit every body shape – wear them as casual daywear during your beach vacation, or even dress it up for a music festival! Psst, read till the end of the post to get ideas on perfect bottoms to wear these swimming suits with.

Less skin, more chic

A safe way to pull off a day outfit with a swim top is to pick one that resembles a normal top. Chic one-piece swimsuits, which are now back in trend, are perfect for this. With ruffle sleeves, embroidery, and pop 3D flower designs, these designs are basically regular clothes made in polyester!

Sexy festival wear

Great vibes, good music, lots of beer, and of course, plenty of Instagram moments! That’s why sweat- and stain-resistant, sexy, and eye-catching swimsuits are a fantastic choice for a music festival outfit. There won’t be any embarrassing sweat patches, and any food or wine spills can be washed off quickly.

It’s all about the freedom of expression at these events, so style your bathing suits as you please. Take this opportunity to go all out! Glam it up with chunky accessories, keep cool with a floaty coverup, or go casual with a denim skirt – no one’s judging!

That cool, sporty look

While skimpy little bikinis aren’t practical for surfing, kayaking, paragliding, or any other water sport, active beach-goers can still look cute in practical swimwear. A multi-colored rash guard, for example, keeps you well protected from harmful UV rays, and is also modest enough to be worn away from the beach.

Timeless and classic

Seasons and styles come and go, but you’ll never go wrong with these simple and elegant designs. A halter neck cut is great if you have a fuller bust as it accentuates feminine curves nicely, and a cropped swimming top is perfect for those who want to show off hard-earned abs!

Bottoms up!

As swimwear tops tend to be cropped higher, they go really well with high-waisted bottoms. Think mum jeans or bicycle shorts for that current look! Other versatile cover ups include sarongs, wrap skirts and flare pants. The combinations are endless… so get yourself some new swimsuits now and throw them into your next beach holiday outfit mix!