Fun yet practical items to take to a festival

With these, you'll be enjoying the event #likeaboss!

By: The AliExpress team
It’s that time of the year again — we know it, you know it, any faithful EDM fanatic definitely knows it! That’s right, it’s the music festival season when you can finally wear a fashion statement piece, swoon over your favorite music artists and sway to the top 100 hits. But how will you survive for three days (or more) on a campsite miles away from civilized folk and mundane afternoons? Start with these nifty accessories!

1. Rehydrate with a water bag

The last thing we’d want to do is go ‘mom’ on you, but you’ll thank us when your friend retreats from the heat right before the day's biggest, and you’re still comfortably holdin’ down your spot in the front row. Trust us, have one of these hydration packs stashed in your backpack and you’ll be getting bonus points when a cutie spots you from a mile away noticing how wild AND sensible you are. See? We got you!
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2. Not-your-mother’s fanny pack

Call us crazy but we were really excited when this one finally became hip again. What was formally regarded as dorky or dated, and usually paired with Mickey Mouse ears and an oversized camera, is now a total fashion statement. Plus, it’s practical, too. These come in a wide range of styles to go with every look. So you can keep your phone, keys and cash close whilst putting your hands up in the air to dance to sweet beats!
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3. Power up with your favorite emoji

Nothing worse that having your phone die off right in the middle of a highly anticipated gig! Or worse, when you've been separated from your friends... To make sure you don’t fall victim to these easily preventable situations, always have a lightweight power bank with you. Get a quirky one, like any of these emoji designs, and it'll double up as a conversation starter too!
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