Colors for the modern man

5 ways to play with shades & change your look

The AliExpress team
You don’t need any game-changing wardrobe overhaul to reinvent your look. Just a pop of color here, and another dash of print there can do wonders. Plus, your current collection of monochrome or soft neutral outfits aren’t dull… they’re great base colors which you can build upon. So stop shying away from colors and start exploring pieces that’ll give the old you a brand new spin!

1. Aloha, tropical shirt!

Casual tropical shirts for men are all the rage! They’ve evolved from tacky Hawaiian shirts sported by tourists, and are now a summer staple for most guys. While these shirts often come in bright clashing colors, there are many options that are more toned down – perfect for those who want to add more prints to their wardrobe, but don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves.
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2. Bracelets for bros

Want to turn a simple casual outfit into something a little more interesting? Simply put on a couple of beaded men’s bracelets! Rope bracelets with raw textures and natural tones lend a masculine yet laidback charm to your look, so trust us – it won’t come across as though you’re trying too hard! Tip: mix and match some of these bracelets and stack them with any classic watch on the same arm.
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3. Play it cool with a biker jacket

A classic staple that belongs in every men’s wardrobe, the biker-style jacket can be casual, edgy, or chic depending on how you style it. Black is a no-brainer option, but it can also appear too harsh. Consider midnight blue, maroon or tan instead! Bold yet not too loud, they’re a versatile addition to give any regular guy’s outfit an edge.
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4. Suit up with a bold shade

It’s all about getting the right fit when it comes to suits. But if you’ve already gone through the process of buying your first suit, and have a rough idea of what’s most flattering for you, it’s time to have a little bit more fun with your next purchase. If you want to stand out from the crowd, try something other than the usual formal colors. A wine red or electric blue suit is a great conversation starter, and this bold fashion choice would definitely make a strong first impression on anyone you meet!
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5. Prints please!

If want a new look without spending too much, get some fun fashion accessories to style up your everyday attire. Quirky ties, whether in decorative prints or bright hues, is an easy way to add a dash of fun to a formal outfit. Patterned ties are indeed more difficult to pull off than those in solid colors, so we suggest only pairing them with simple shirts in neutral colors.
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